Struggle with the Bible?

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Struggle with the Bible?

The Bible is a vital tool for knowing God. Yet, our relationship with the Bible can be, well…  complicated. Don’t be intimidated. Don’t be jaded.  Join us this summer as we discuss a fresh life-giving perspective on this ancient, sacred text we share.



The Bible is a vital tool for knowing and connecting with God. But what if you have really good reason for not reading it? What if you’re confused? Or hurt? Or lost in Leviticus? Join us this summer as we look at 7 different obstacles we struggle with that keep us from a life-giving, engaging, spiritually meaningful experience of the Bible.

6/20 – When you know too much (or too little.)

Did you grow up with the Bible, and now you’ve heard it all before? Or maybe you’re new to the Bible and intimidated and confused. Your own level of experience may be the obstacle you need to overcome.

6/27 – When it feels like an irrelevant book of rules.

Think the Bible is like an encyclopedia of God’s ancient rules for our behavior? That’s not very inspiring. Is there another way to see it?

7/11 – When you’re not sure whether it’s human or divine.

Do you struggle with the idea that the Bible is fully divine? What about all the difficult stuff in there? What about contradictions? Can the Bible be completely Divine and not be completely perfect?

7/25 – When you keep getting stuck in Leviticus.

The Bible doesn’t read like any other book. Why is that? Did you know that trying to read the Bible from cover to cover is usually a very bad idea? We’ll talk about why.

8/8 – When it seems like anyone can make it say anything they want.

Does it bother you that so many people say that the Bible says conflicting things? How can we trust a book that can be interpreted any old way? We’ll talk about the 1 rule for reading the Bible that will keep you out of the ditch.

8/22 – When it doesn’t CLEARLY SAY what people say it CLEARLY SAYS.

So many people say, “The Bible clearly says….” and then you read it for yourself and it doesn’t seem clear at all. Sometimes it even seems to contradict itself. Are some parts of the Bible more important than others? How do you know which ones?

8/29 – When you’ve been hurt by Bible Bashers.

What if the Bible is triggering for you? How can you read it when it’s been used to hurt, abuse or silence you?