Here are the people who serve Bridge City in leadership.


The elder team leads, shepherds, teaches, and equips. They function as a plurality, co-equal in authority, but with specific areas of responsibility based on their gifts and the needs of the church.

Bob Barnes
Worship Planning, Worship Team, Technical Team.

Byron Kehler
Pastoral Care,Home Groups.

Marc Schelske 
Teaching Ministry, Adult & Children’s Classes, Administration.


Deacons are members of the church, invited by the elders to take hands-on leadership of a specific ministry area so that the church can be cared for and service can be expanded.

Betty Hale 
Visiting ministry.

Aaron Huddart
Pastoral care. Saturday Morning Building Prep.

Kerry McCombs 
Milwaukie High School Ministry.

Marcia Morrow 
Children & Family Ministry.

Other Leaders

Various members serve in other capacities that help the church function.

Tatiana Goe 
Facility Liaison & Building Scheduling.

Dan Myers 
Treasurer & Book Keeper.