From time to time we record sessions of our adult classes. You can find those archives here.


2015 LGBT Listening Group

Led by Marc Schelske. This class attempted to come to better understanding of the situation and experiences of LGBT people in the world, and in relationship to the church. The last quarter of the class we spent studying the relevant passages of scripture in depth. Those are the weeks we recorded.

Leviticus 18, Week 2

Studying the prohibition against “sleeping with a man as with a woman,” in the context of the Holiness Codes of Leviticus 18 & 19. This is the week we decided to record the classes, so we don’t have a recording of the previous week laying out the context for this passage.



Genesis 19 , Week 1

Studying the story of Sodom & Gomorrah, in the context of the story of Abraham and Lot that starts in Genesis 13.



Genesis 19, Week 2

Continuing the story of Sodom & Gomorrah, in the context of the story of Abraham and Lot that starts in Genesis 13.  Looking at how the word “Sodom” is used throughout scripture and what other Bible authors take this word to mean.



1st Corinthians 6, Week 1

Studying the condemnation of people who are malakoi and arsenokoitai, found in 1st Corinthians 6.



1st Corinthians 6, Week 2

Continuing the study of the condemnation of people who are malakoi and arsenokoitai, found in 1st Corinthians 6, looking in detail at what these two words mean in the Bible, and in extra-Biblical literature in the 1st century, and how those words have been translated in the progression of translation since.



Romans 1, Week 1

Romans 1 is one of the harshest condemnations of homosexuality in the Bible. In order to gather a better understanding, we look at the larger context of Paul’s argument in the first part of Romans, so that we can understand how to hear Paul’s words in the way that, hopefully, Paul intended.



Romans 1, Week 2

Continuing our study of Romans 1 and it’s context in Paul’s writing.



Feedback & Discussion

We pause in our study of the Biblical material to talk about what we’re seeing, how this is impacting us, and what Biblical questions we would still like to address.



Genesis 1, Week 1

One of the areas we hadn’t looked at yet was the impact of the creation story in Genesis 1 & 2, and what it adds to the discussion. While this isn’t a “clobber text” in the technical sense, it is a passage that comes up frequently in discussions of gender, sexuality, marriage and God’s will for these areas of life.



More Recordings to come.